What does a Painter do?

Well we paint of course! – As a Painter you’ll work with paints and the different varieties of equipment you’ll be required to use to paint anything from fences to corporate buildings.

Using these materials (and your great painting skills) you could be refreshing old buildings or adding life to new.

However, if you’re thinking all a painter does is paint wall after wall – then think again! There’s more to being a painter than meets the eye. In fact, a single painting project calls upon a variety of skills.

These include:

              • Reading and working from plans and specifications

              • Preparing work surfaces

              • Hanging wallpaper

              • Operating spray guns

              • Erecting scaffolding (subject to licence requirements in some states).

As a Painter and Decorator, you may work at heights working indoors and outdoors. On occasion you may have contact with the public and more often than not, you’ll be working as part of a team.

You could be employed by Painting and Decorating subcontractors and building and construction companies; or you might decide to be your own boss and become a self-employed tradesperson.

Whatever form your employment takes, there’s a couple of basic things that help make someone a really good painter.

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