What Makes a Great Painter?


You Enjoy Practical Work

Sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day is not everyone’s dream job. You may prefer a much more hands on role, there isn’t much better than painting. Creating and refreshing tired old buildings. Constantly engaged in work with their hands and able to see the end result. Painting and decorating is a tangible, satisfying and highly practicable form of work.

Able to work at heights

Some projects require working at various heights, both indoors and out, you will be trained to work up to a certain height, with the option of going one further and gaining your Yellow Card where you could work up to 14 metres.


Technical aptitude

Before you dip a brush into some paint and put it on a wall, you’ll need to know the best way to go about it. What kind of prep work will be involved, how much paint will be needed, how many metres of wallpaper will be required?

Be a team player and can work independently

Being part of a team and working with them to achieve a satisfying result is a great aspect of working in a painting gang – or as part of a building and construction project. Good productivity comes from great teamwork, but just as importantly there are times when you’ll need to work independently too. As a painter, you should have the ability to work with others and work alone should the need arise.


Physically Fit.

Being a Painter and Decorator is a very hands on and practical job. So it’s important to be fit, and a role like this will help keep you fit. So if you love engaging in physical activity then painting could just be for you.

Attitude and Attendance

It doesn’t matter what attributes you have for the job, it all comes down to 2 very important things. Attitude and attendance. As long as you are turning up and have the can do attitude with ambition and dedication, you will soon earn yourself a reliable reputation. Which will completely work in your favour with any employer, even if you choose to run your own business in the future.