Career Pathways

Many great careers start with a variety of different Pathways; a series of possible avenues, programs and experience enabling students, often while they are working, to advance to better jobs and higher levels of education and training. 

Whether that be beginning your apprenticeship whilst still at school, or by finding an employer ready to take you on from the very start.

Painting Apprenticeships can help you along the way, or we can help kick start your career giving you the basics to start you off. We can help with finding the right employer where you can earn whilst you learn to become a fully qualified Painting & Decorating Apprentice.

Either way, there are many ways to get into the Painting & Decorating Industry. Once completed you may then decide to build your own business, becoming a contractor, or an employer.

Step 1. Apply for a Painting Apprenticeship and become a Painting and Decorating Apprentice. We can help find you an employer!

A painting apprenticeship takes 3 to 4 years to complete, dependant on the individual student.

Apprentices are paid as they learn, avoiding accrual of a large debt like you might at university or other kind of study. 

An apprentice learns the theory behind painting as well as the practical application of working with others on the job.

Step 2. Become a Qualified Painter

After completing an apprenticeship, you become a qualified painter.

You can continue working for painting or building companies on wages for as long as you like. 

Your wage should increase as you now have your qualification.

Step 3. Become a Painting Business Owner 

After completing your apprenticeship this is where you might take the leap, working for yourself and potentially putting on staff and even your own apprentice.

At this point we recommend that you contact Aussie Painters Network for guidance as well as other organisations and associations.