Welcome to the Painting Apprenticeships Blog.

We have Lift off, This has been a massive project in the works, and we have to say we are a little excited.

There is nothing more important in an Industry then having the right people behind it that care and want to continue to move it forward, to grow and to become the most recognised in the trade industry.

We are currently updating our website, so check back here soon for updated information.

Boosting Apprenticeships Commencements

1800 355 344 CONTACT https://vimeo.com/425804142?fbclid=IwAR1vV7shhrp4iPfVUH2gZdGx0aCZ3AxkLiu_XeDtYJJNK2eZLq0w-tiOmHI Boosting Apprenticeship CommencementsQuestions and AnswersUpdated: 28 October 2020 As part of the Government’s Economic Response to COVID-19, and commitment to

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