Finding an Apprentice

There are numerous ways to find a great quality apprentice to suit you. One of the best ways to give you the best outcome is to have a potential apprentice pre-screened.

Without a doubt we all want the best, most reliable apprentice we can get. They will suit our dynamic team with an awesome attitude and work morals to boot. And hey, whilst we have our wish list out, we would love them to have some experience so they hit the ground running.

What ever your criteria, there will be an apprentice out there that suits you.

Many potential apprentices have had some exposure to the Painting Industry and of those, have also had experience within the construction industry.

Methods of Recruitment

There are many ways to recruit an apprentice, here are some of our recommended steps.

·      Be a host Employer for Aussie Painters Network CSQ Trade Ready program, host a participant for 3 weeks, then if they are a fit for your business, employ them as an Apprentice.  Click here for more information.

·         Local High Schools – talk to the Career Advisors about

o   Students who want to leave in years 11 or 12, if currently completing VET or trade based subjects, if looking for a full time apprentice, or seeing if anyone is looking for a school based apprenticeship

o   Participants in Tasters or Step out Programs that are showing any interest.

o   Consider offering work experience, developing a relationship with the school.

·         Nothing beats Word of Mouth! Ask around.

·         Pre-Apprenticeship Courses are regularly run by TAFE and RTO’s, see who is running the course and ask if there are any potentials.

·         Keep registered with TAFE and RTO’s, they may know of 1 or 2 that have separated from the boss and looking to continue on with someone new.

·         Employment Agencies, us included 😉

·         Advertise, Facebook is one of the best places. Look for pages that you can put the question out on. Amazing how many could be looking.

·         Contact us! We have a large employer and apprentice data base, we can assist with the screening and help deliver the perfect candidate.