Apprentice FAQ's

Some States fully fund Apprenticeship training in Painting & Decorating. To see what costs could be incurred click here to check with your State or Territory.

Painting & Decorating as a profession in Australia is done through an apprenticeship which leads to the trade qualification Certificate III in Painting & Decorating. More information about the trade qualification per State is available here. For a hands-on experience in Painting & Decorating Contact Us

Painting & Decorating is taught through Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s). 

In addition to using a paint brush, roller and spray gun, a standard day for a Painter includes preparing surfaces, reading plans and specifications, working as part of a team or as an individual, Working at heights and being able to walk away from a job seeing the end result. Further, many experienced Painters move on to owning their own business. 

Painting requires lots of physical work indoors and outdoors and should come naturally to anyone who enjoys staying fit and working with their hands. It is certainly a skill that requires professional teaching and experience, It’s most certainly rewarding once you get the grasp of it. Learn about what makes a good Painter to see if Painting & Decorating is right for you.

To become a qualified Painter in Australia, you must complete an apprenticeship. Painting & Decorating apprenticeships include two parts: on-site paid training from a qualified Painter, Plus offsite training from a Registered RTO. These typically take three to four years. 

Fair Work Australia’s quiz explains everyday workplace issues – situations you might find yourself in. Learn more about Apprenticeship Painting & Decorating wages.

Painting allows you to work indoors and outdoors and with your hands, Pretty much anywhere in the country or even the world. If you like staying fit, Feeling a sense of pride in your finished work, Or want to pursue stable work with plenty of future career opportunities Painting & Decorating might be the perfect job for you.

We keep an up-to-date list for apprentices and qualified Painters with job offerings from employers all across Australia, Available here.

The final salary for a qualified Painter depends on a number of factors, These can include: experience and market and a demand for Painters. Fortunately, there’s plenty of surplus demand in Australia and full-time qualified Painters can earn between $50,000 to $100,000+.