About Painting Apprenticeships

Our Mission

To ensure that there is an adequate and competent Painting and Decorating Trade, backed by fully qualified and competent Painting & Decorating Tradesmen Maintaining a high standard.

Painting apprentices are taught to paint. Our mission is to take them to the next level and teach them to Business!

Our Vision

As the trusted leader in the Painting and Decorating Industry, by supporting businesses and apprentices. To deliver capability and to sustain the workforce into the future.

Supporting the Training of Painting Apprentices

Aims to meet industry challenges and increased demands through a cohesive and organised manner. Attracting apprentices, preparing them and finding suitable employment for greater retention.

About Painting Apprenticeships .........

Aussie Painters Network is the number one information service for the painting and decorating industry.

We work with business owners and support apprentices not just in their trade, but also in their future as potential business owners.

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